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lentils recipe

Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 15:54:46 -0600
From: "Beverly Kurtin" (beverly@kurtin.com)
Message-Id: (000701bf48d9$55072d20$64020418@ftwrth1.tx.home.com)


Lentils come in a few different colors, as far as I know there is little
nutritional or other difference between them.

Basic word of advice: never pre-soak lentils, they cook very quickly and
don't need pre-soaking of any kind.

Here's a quick recipe for using them.

Cube a medium potato, dice a carrot and about 1/2 an onion, mince one or two
cloves of garlic.  Take all, put into a 2 quart pot, add about a cup of
lentils (any color will do), add water to cover, bring to a boil.  Then
simmer for 30 minutes.  Makes a great lunch dish!

If you like, add some curry.

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