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easy-chickpea-dish recipe

Date:    Sat, 11 Sep 93 21:25:10 EDT
 From:    Charles Holden Winstead (winstead@faraday.ece.cmu.edu)
 1 small can tomatoe sauce (one of those .25 cans made of tomatoes and water)
 1 can garbonzo (ceci, chickpeas)  beans
 1 small container dannon nofat blended french vanilla vogurt
 cumin seeds 
 heat about a 1T cumin seeds in a pot, add tomatoe sauce and curry to taste
 and simmer for a while to let the curry and cumin sink in. add the chickpeas,
 and heat until hot, but do not over cook as the chickpeas should have some
 texture to them. remove from heat and add about half the container of the 
 yogurt. serve over rice, with the remainer yogurt on the side incase it's too
 spicy. mmmmm
 kwlacto lacto