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broco-beans recipe

Date:    Mon, 07 Mar 94 12:25:47 GMT
 From:    Michael Traub (traub@btcs.bt.co.uk)
 Broco beans
 1 large		onion
 3 cloves	garlic
 3/4 lb		mushrooms (I used a mix of oyster and normal)
 1 teaspoon	vecon (vegetable stock)
 1/2 tsp		salt
 1 tsp		black pepper
 1 teaspoon	sage
 2 medium	leeks
 1/4 cup		soya milk or tofu
 1 lb		cooked kidney beans
 1 lb		broccoli
 Fry the onion and the garlic in some water until tender. Add the
 mushrooms, the vegetable stock, the salt, pepper and sage. Leave
 simmering until the mushrooms have reduced.
 In a blender combine the chopped broccoli stalks, the kidney beans,
 the chopped leeks, and the soya milk or tofu. Blend until smooth,
 adding water if needed.
 Add the blended mixture to the mushrooms. Add the broccoli florets and
 any additional water needed to give a creamy consistency. Simmer till the
 florets have softened.
 Serve over pasta twirls. On this occasion I used Orgran's Barley and
 Spinach (wheat free) pasta.
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