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blackbeans-saifun recipe

Date:    Mon, 16 Aug 93 21:49:07 CDT
 From:    (U33754@UICVM.UIC.EDU)
 This along the lines of quick and easy, and good and just a bit spicey.
 2 "nests" saifun noodles (these are the superthin "cellophane" noodles)
 (boil, ( 5 minutes)
 1 can black beans (Hain is good, or 12 oz. of your own with cooking juices)
 1 tbs. tamari
 1 tbs. balsamic vinegar
 1 tbs. sucanat (type of sugar)
 1 tsp. hot mustard powder
 1 tsp. ginger curry (i have a pre-made powder, but a mix of the two will do)
 (heat up can of beans, blend other ingredients, add to beans)
 Serve 50/50 proportion of cooked saifun and black bean mixture.  Serves two.
 kwvegan vegan