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Date:    09 May 93 16:32:39 CDT
 From:    BARRONTO@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu
 Tom's Bean Loaf (I made it up as I went along)
 6 oz canned kidney beans
 1 cup cooked brown rice
 finely chopped vegetables
 garlic (lots)
 3 tbsp Country-style dijon mustard (I used Grey Poupon -- don't know if 
    other brands exist)
 2 tbsp molasses
 Mash the beans into paste and add the mustard and molasses.  Mix well.
 You can chop up whatever vegetables you like -- I used onion, yellow,
 red and green peppers, and celery.  Once I'd chopped the vegetables, I
 think I had about a cup of them.  Chop up the garlic.  I used about
 half a head.  Also note that the measurements on the mustard and
 molasses are approximate.  I judged the amounts of them I wanted by
 the consistency of the paste rather than actually measuring them.  I
 am sure about the bean and rice measurements, though.  Finally, I put
 all the ingredients together and mixed them, sprayed a loaf pan with
 non-stick spray, and put the whole thing in the oven at F 350.  I
 baked the thing for 45 minutes and it was still a bit juicier than I
 wanted.  You might want to try baking it for an hour.  I poured some
 mushroom gravy from a can over it and it was both tasty and hearty.
 kwvegan vegan