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Date:    Fri, 10 Jun 94 10:17:04 CDT
 From:    Gary D Gott (gott@plains.NoDak.edu)
 Pinto Bean Delight.
 The first evening I made a pot of plain pinto beans and served that with 
 fresh bread.  The next evening I took the remains of the beans put them 
 in a pot and added
 2 onions sauted in a little stock
 1 green pepper sauted in the same stock
   Added those to the beans and then added 
 2 cans tomato sauce..unsalted
 1 can frozen corn
 1 T. cumin
 2 T. chili powder
 I made a very large quanity of beans originally....Maybe 3 pounds.  I had 
 about 2 quarts of beans in liquid left when I started the variation.
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