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b-b-with-r recipe

Date: Sun, 31 May 1998 17:02:12 -0700
From: "Boxel" (boxel@sr.net)

Yesterday I cooked "B.B. with R." and I thought I should share this
recipe with you. This recipe is world famous, at least in Suriname
and in the Netherlands. As the Dutch people don't know how to cook
it, at least they know the song with the title: B.B. with R.
B.B. is "brown beans" (baked beans?) and the R. is for rice.

As children, brought up in Holland by a Dutch mother and a Suramese
father, we were allowed to choose the food for the christmas dinner.
Every year the three of us choose B.B. with R.! My mother cooked it
without complaining. This is one of the things I admire her for. She
learned this recipe from her mother-in-law, who spent before World
War II a year in Holland. My son also always choose this recipe when
he was allowed tot choose the meal. And he grow up in a time that
french frites were already very popular in Holland.

The recipe originates from the African-Surinamese kitchen, but is now
eaten by all the members of the Surinamese society. At big party's
b.b. with r. is often served (but then with salted b**f and ch***n).
At a party there is always food for everyone - even when everyone
means 200 or more.) We have in this country a lot of reasons to give
a party...

B.B. with R.


1 cup    cooked brown beans, with cooking water
2          cut onions
2          big cut tomatoes
1          freshly cut twig of sellery leaves
1          whole fresh hot pepper
1          cube of bouillon
            black pepper
            cooked brown rice


1.    Simmer onions a few minutes.
2.    Add tomatoes and cube of bouillon. Simmer till thickened a bit
(about five minutes)
3.    Make the broth tasty with black pepper
4.    Add the brown beans, the selley leaves and the whole hot
pepper. Add enough cooking water.
5.    Simmer till the liquid is thickened (about another ten
6.    Make tot taste with the nutmeg (and  more pepper).

7.     Serve the rice covered with the beans, the finely cut hot
pepper (with fork and knife!) and a cucumber salad and sing the song
b.b. with r.!

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