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tangy-chickpea-salad recipe

Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 12:38:50 EDT
From: (BHATPHOACC@aol.com)

Tangy chickpea salad

Recently I picked up a boxed salad at a healthfood store.  They write all the
ingredients on the box top--it was so good I made one up.  Sorry no
proportions, but it isn't difficult to put together.

1 can of drained rinsed chickpeas
chopped very small vegies:
green onion
red pepper
red or white onion
You could omit any or add your own vegie choices.

I made up a dressing that was more clear looking than mayo. looking.  I used
from their ingredient list the following:  Umeboshi vinegar, brown rice
vinegar, lemon and a little nayonaise (the fatfree one).  

kwvegan vegan