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Date: Wed, 26 Feb 97 14:06:49 -0000
 From: Julie Finnigan (jfin@apple.com)
 I adapted a Bean and Rice Salad recipe from the McDougall Program for 
 Maximum Weight Loss to make it quicker. Those of you who are looking for 
 something quick to make for the family, or want something fairly portable 
 in a cooler, this is a good one. Very satisfying, and a complete protein. 
 This was another invaluable recipe that saw me through my pregnancy. I 
 kept a bowl of it in the refrigerator pretty regularly so I could just 
 scoop some up for a quick meal.
 Quick Bean and Rice Salad
 14 oz. bag of C&W frozen Sweet Corn, Black Bean, Red Pepper, Green Pepper 
 and Celery Salad
 15 oz. can of garbanzo beans - drained
 2 cups cooked brown rice (great way to use up leftovers)
 4 oz. can of chopped green chilis
 1/4 cup salsa (or however much you want to use)
 Empty the bag of frozen salad into a strainer and run cold water over it 
 for about 30 seconds to start the thawing process. Toss all the 
 ingredients together, let sit for at least an hour so the flavors blend, 
 and you've got a great side dish or a satisfying main dish. Good for 
 picnics, potlucks, you name it!
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