General Information on Vegetarian and Very Low Fat Diets

I write the FAQ, or Frequently Asked Questions file for the newsgroup It contains general information about very low fat diets, fat in foods, and labelling requirements. It does contain info specific to the newsgroup. I also have another version of the fat-free FAQ which excludes specific references to the newsgroup.

For folks specifically interested in very low fat vegetarian diets, I have written an annotated bibliography of every book and cookbook on the topic of very low fat vegetarian diets (that I am aware of -- additions always welcome).

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Descriptions of very low fat diet plans.

Here are some general files that may be of interest:

Copyrights and recipes
A frequent question on the net concerning recipes is whether they can be copyrighted. The short answer is no, not exactly -- but recipe "collections" can be, as can the text used to describe the recipe or cooking instructions. The San Jose Mercury published an entertaining and informative article on this issue. I was not given permission to store this article directly, but Bruce Koon, Managing Editor of the Mercury Center arranged for it to be in the SJ Mercury archives and accesible via the web.
ADA Paper
the 1993 (most recent) American Dietetic Association Position Paper on Vegetarian Diets
Protein myths
discussion and summary of the scientific evidence concerning protein needs in humans, and vegetarians in particular
Non-vegetarian cookbooks
an outdated bibliography of very low fat non-vegetarian cookbooks

These last files are specific to the FATFREE Vegetarian Mailing List