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Re: Unsubscribe

I think it's really strange that people start wanting to unsubscribe after we
get some messages going.  It's as if they only want to belong to a list as long
as it's inactive...?

Anyway, to those who want to unsub: No one can unsubscribe you but you (and the
list owner, but you'll probably need to write to her directly).  Here are the
directions, from the website:

If you are on the DIGEST form (many messages combined into one email):

To unsubscribe, send a message to: fatfree-REQUEST@xxxxxxxxxxx
    with the SUBJECT: unsubscribe

If you are on the INDIVIDUAL MESSAGES form:

 To get off the non-digest list, send email to:
    fatfree-ND-REQUEST@xxxxxxxxxxx with the Subject: unsubscribe

Hope this helps,