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Hi!  I have missed the list the past few weeks, so I
thought I would make a posting to try and get things
rolling again.  When cooking vegetables  (broccoli,
cauliflower, mushrooms, spinach...) in the microwave,
does anyone have any suggestions for adding flavor
without adding salt?  I don't have any spices or herbs
really, (I eat in a cafeteria) but there are a variety
of vinegars and lemon juice at the salad bar.  Do
these hold up well in the microwave?
thank you!

Personally, I like to marinade my veggies in a solution of one part vinegar and one part water (but I really like the taste of vinegar, probably because I have an acerbic personality :) - you'll probably want yours weaker). And as someone else said, it is worth your time to part with a few dollars for dried herbs or to grow your own. Growing herbs isn't hard at all - soil in just about any container will do (I'm growing some of mine in old coffee cans with holes punched in the bottom). And of course, there's always a multitude of FF salad dressings, which are also fairly easy to make.

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