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Anne wrote:

>>I bought a can of olive oil spray -- the can is the pressurized
type, and the last ingredient is "propellant."  What exactly
is this, and is it safe to ingest? I want to use this to spray on
air-popped popcorn.<<

Hmmmmmm.  Good question, Anne.  I used a commercial olive oil spray (in a
can) once to spray on a salad... my sister-in-law, who is a registered
nurse (as am I) was mortified that I would do that.  She said that the
propellants (or something else) in the spray included PROPANE.  I have not
been able to confirm this, but I have since acquired one of those spray
pumps that you can fill yourself, and pump up with air pressure so that the
oil sprays out in a very fine aerosol.  Now I use that for spraying things
that will not be cooked.

Now I tend to use some oil out of a bottle, onto a paper towel and rub it
on pots and pans, etc., instead of spray.

All the best.

Vivian Yorke
Kingston, Ontario, Canada