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Re: Recipes for the Reluctant?

hey tammy!!

it's good to see you here!  i found that with my husband, who *was* a big
time carnivore, i started out using all sorts of meat substitutes, veggie
burgers, tvp crumbles in spaghetti sauce, etc. to 'wean' him off of meat.
now that he's not eaten meat (at home) since august last year, i don't
bother with the substitutes, except for burgers, but the ones we buy now are
not 'fake meat' i.e. not imitation hamburger, but an entity in and of

i will ask him which meals i made that he liked and post them :)


: I am attempting to incorporate more vegan and vegetarian low fat dishes
: into the family menus.  The problem is my husband - a tried and true,
: meat and potatoes, high fat lover.  It may take forever to "retrain" his
: palate.
: I am in desperate need of recipes that will delight the most committed
: carnivore - for instance, what do your guests *rave* about?  Any help
: greatly appreciated.
: Tammy