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microwave meals

Hi!  I am a vegan college student who is sick of the
salad bar in our cafeteria!  I have taken various
fresh vegetables and microwaved them, cooked
vegetables are great, and added soy sauce.  This too
is getting a little old though.  I have access to a
lot of fresh vegetables in the cafeteria from the
salad bar (tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, broccoli,
cauliflower, sliced mushrooms...you get the idea) and
a microwave.  Can anyone suggest some good/interesting
vegan meals with salad bar fare and the only mode of
cooking being a microwave?  We also have some black
beans out, as well as vinegars and stuff to make your
own dressings.  I know this is hard, but anything will
be appreciated!  Thank you so much in advance,

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