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Re: Pioneer Baking Mix plus more!

While I'm not a big proponent of fat free 'junk food', over the past three 
years I've been eating ultra low fat I've found a few items that are always 
stocked in my pantry. :-)  Problem is, I can't find them locally, but I stock 
up every time I'm in the area.

Where I found them, is at the gourmet food shop in the Williamsburg, VA 
Pottery Factory.  That place has everything imaginable, and while I've tried 
a couple things that I'd never touch again, these three items are a Must Try 
when it comes to Fat Free.  

1) The Pioneer Brand No Fat baking mix and pancake mix.  It's put out by  
C.H. Guenther & Son, Inc.; PO Box 118, Dept A.; San Antonio, Tx  78291.  They 
have a web site where you might check on product availability in your area:  
http://www.pioneerfoods.com/   Five stars on this one!

2) Also discovered at the Pottery Factory was "No Pudge Fudge Brownie Mix".  
Yep, a brownie mix that is really fantastic, and really fat free.  The 
ingredients are simply sugar, flour, cocoa, egg whites, cornstarch, natural 
vanilla, baking soda and salt.  But wait until you read the directions on how 
to make these brownies!!!!!  You simply combine the mix with 2/3 cup non-fat 
vanilla yogurt, mix and bake.  lol  Sounds totally crazy, but wait until you 
taste them!!!  A Wonderful lady runs this company, and she'll send you an 
order form as well as a couple discount coupons if you email her.  You can 
catch up to her at:  www.nopudge.com.  She has a great web site.

3.)  The last of my secret food finds!! <g>  Unfortunately I haven't found a 
web site for this company, but there's an address I'll give you instead.  The 
product is called "Quick Loaf".  They have several different types of bread 
mixes, but my favorite is the Cinnamon Raisin.  Again, it's truly fat free, 
and the ingredients are plainly written on the side of the bag.  This one can 
be made two ways -- a quick bread that can be made with club soda, seltzer, 
or any type of beer.  Or a yeast loaf (the way I enjoy making the bread) that 
is bread machine friendly and is made with more traditional yeast and water.  
 The company that makes this is:  Daily Bread Co. Inc; PO Box 7106; 
Portsmouth, NH 03802

Ok, now you know all of my 'secrets' to ultra low fat living, eating happily, 
and still staying skinny. :-)  By all means, give them a try if you get a 


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<< I haven't ever seen it but would be MOST interested in finding it. Did you
 find it in a specialty shop or in the local chain food stores?
 Trisha >>