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Does anyone know what this stuff actually looks like, in it's original/plant
form?  The reason I'm asking is that my best friend's grandmother, a proper
Welsh "nain" ( pronounced "nine", and is Welsh for Grandmother) used to use
the word "asiveta" as an expletive, and after much investigation, we found
that she was referring to a cooking ingredient, which is asafoetida.  We
know what it does, i.e. it's a sort of herb/flavouring, but we don't know
what it looks like - and as my friend is a Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable
Merchant, we'd really like to know, so he can find it in the market.  It's
become a sort of "mission impossible" for us now, because we've been looking
in to it for months, so when I saw the submission on the list about it, I
just had to ask!  Any leads will be scrupulously followed up!

Walk in love and light, all