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Trader Joe's

I go to Trader Joe's for the gyoza (Chinese dumplings stuffed with
veggies--they have a couple of non-veggie varieties too, one of which I
like, but there's one that's completely veggie), for the frozen fast dinners
(unusual stuff like bags of veggie stews and the like), and for exotica.
They change the products frequently, featuring different stuff, so you can
keep going back and browsing for new things.  The prices are quite
reasonable, I think.  Great French or Italian bread, too.  They do sell
sushi, and it's cheap, but it's packaged to last for 3 days, and I don't
think it's nearly as good as the fresh made-daily sushi that I can get at my
local supermarket (Dominick's) or one of the several Japanese restaurants we
have around (more expensive).  They don't sell much soy cheese; I have to go
elsewhere for that.  They have really good maple syrup--the real stuff, not
the sickly-sweet-gooey adulterated substitutes.  :-)  I don't regard it as a
place to do my whole shopping, but to fill in some blanks and stock up on
specialty items.  It is a neat store.


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