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shirataki noodles almost zero fat

There is a Japanese yam noodle (very different from the USA yam) that is low 
in carbs and almost noodle like. Get it in the refrigerated section of an 
Asian grocery store.
It's a shirataki noodle and made from konnyaku white yams. Can be clear or 
dark colored in plastic packaging.  Rinse before using.
Boil in fresh water to reduce 'bounciness'. Cut into shorter pieces to make 
stir frying easier. DO NOT FREEZE.  Probably not hi in protein, but is a lo 
carb sub for noodles.

Alvarado St. sells lo carb bread at Whole Foods Market in the refrigerated 
section. Read the labels because they also sell hi carb bread. The lo carb is 
Soy Crunch and California (1 grm fat per slice) something or other. I keep it 
in the freezer and use one slice at a time in the toaster on the #3 setting.