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Re: Aspartame - aka Nutrasweet

Carol wrote:
> As someone who suffers badly from migraines, I assumed for quite a while
> that whenever I tried to lose some weight, and suffered badly, that it was
> simply that I wasn't eating enough.  Missing meals is one of my definate
> triggers.  However, I have since discovered that it is aspartame that
> triggers these.  The majority of low-fat yogurts use it.  Apparently it
> alters the pattern of brainwaves.  I have since stopped using it, not only
> for myself but also for my children, and this means avoiding all the low
> sugar drinks that are better for their teeth.

Well, you could consider trying water, milk, soymilk, unsweetened fruit
juices ...

I'm lucky my kids hate anything carbonated. I get some strange looks at the
Subway sometimes when we pass on the fountain drinks ...

Be well, Hadass (who also avoids aspartame)