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Re: Yogurt

Karen Jupiter <kjupiter@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Does anybody make their own?  Is it difficult?  Is it worth it?  Are the
> machines expensive?  Where should I get one?  I assume you can make the
> fat free variety, right?

One summer in college I used to make it by emptying a gallon jug of 
milk into a big cooking pot, warming the milk on the stove, mixing in
some yogurt for a starter, then leaving the pot to sit around for 
much of the hot summer day until it had obviously turned into yogurt.  
At some point while it was sitting around I would also have cooked 
some fruit with some sugar or honey, and would mix that into the 
yogurt when it was done, eat some of it, and then put the rest back 
into the gallon jug (it was pretty runny -- commercial yogurts add 
g*l*t*n or other ingredients to make it thicker) and into the 
refrigerator.  Then I had a lot of cheap yogurt.  Hmmm ... I'd do it 
again except that I'm always wanting to go off dairy and found milk 
and yogurt the easiest kinds of dairy to give up.
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