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Answer re differences between Steel cut oatmeal as opposed to rolled oats

To the individual who sought information on the difference between steel and 
rolled oats, I recalled having saved to my personal filing cabinet the 
following e-mail which I received from Dr. Mirkin's office approximately a 
year ago regarding my query as to the differences between steel cut oats and 
rolled oats: 
<< 1) All types of oatmeal have all of the nutrients intact (nothing is
removed), but if you're diabetic or trying to lose weight, the larger the
pieces, the better.  Whole oat groats (the seeds themselves) are available
in some health food and specialty stores, and cook up the same way as
oatmeal but take a longer time to cook.  Next best are the Irish or
Scottish-type oatmeal cereals (often sold in metal cans) called steel-cut
oats; the seeds have just been broken up.  Next best are rolled whole oats
(the long-cooking Quaker Oats type that come in round cardboard boxes).  The
quick-cooking oats and instant oatmeal are least desirable -- the quicker it
cooks, the quicker it is broken down in your intestines, causing higher rise
in blood sugar.>>