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Re: adzuki post 2

i heard someone mention about halo-halo and durian.

halo-halo (it literally translates to "mix-mix") is one of the favorite
snack/cold beverage here in my country.  traditionally, we use beans,
jackfruit, banana, jell-o, custard (leche flan), etc. underneath a layer of ice
with milk poured over it.  but u can put in whatever you like.  i think
filipinos invented it the way italians invented pizza: they used leftovers and
whatever was avaiable.

my parents love to eat durian.  personally, i've never gotten past the smell,
but i've tried it once (while pinching my nostrils closed) and i have to admit
it wasn't half bad.  still, i don't appreciate the way our whole house reeks of
durian when my mother manages to have her friends send her some.

i'd like to thank all those who responded to my question regarding
vegetarianism.  you were all really helpful, and i shall be taking all you
suggestions and information under careful consideration.  i realize that this
is a fat-free mailing list, but fat is also part of nutrition.  since a lot of
us here (me included) are not experts in the subject, i think that it would be
highly beneficial for us to absorb information from those who do know what
they're talking about.

again, thanks a lot, and i really like being part of this mailing list.


Jeannie Dalton wrote:

> She writes about Halo-Halo, which is one or more fruits  (cantaloupe and/or
> exotic fruits like jackfruit) layered in a glass with crushed ice, topped
> with a dollop of sweet bean paste and cream (evaporated milk subbed here).
> Also:
> Popsicles
> equal parts red bean paste and water
> Ice cube trays, insert wooden picks before completely frozen