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Portobello mushrooms

I made a lovely meal this weekend which consisted of pea, leek and rocket 
risotto, served with a red wine sauce made with the mushrooms.

Basically I cooked the mushrooms in a pan (I used some butter and stock, 
but I'm sure you could emit the fat) for a few minutes until they had 
browned some. When cooked down, I took them out of the pan and put them on 
one side.
Then I made a roux sauce using both red wine and some stock until I reached 
a gravy-like consistency.
I put the mushrooms back into the pan with the sauce, which could then be 
heated up as and when needed.

Portobello mushrooms have such a lovely flavour which goes so well with red 
wine. Another idea would be to make some kind of casserole along the same 

Hope this helps