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RE: MasterCook - one caveat


MasterCook is not being continued, anyway!  So Mac or PC, grab what you can
get.  The support at this point is all end-user, but with some of us using
it for almost 10 years, the support is great.

Even the Mac versions import exported PC stuff.  It also imports Meal
Master, and has a generic format for recipes just typed any which way.  The
last MC version also has this cool Import Assistant that lets you cut and
past something directly from a web page or scan, you click Import and it
fills in the fields!

Mac or PC, there's nothing as good as this software.  I'm hoping it gets
sold again to someone who will continue development.


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MasterCook is excellent software, but if you are a Macintosh user, think
twice. You can still find their Mac version on the shelves in some
stores, but it is several versions behind their Windows version and they
do not plan any updates. Sierra's website doesn't list the Mac version
for sale anymore at all, and they have not responded to Mac users'
requests to continue support. Not all the features are compatible
anymore when you share recipes across platforms - so beware!