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RE: Mastercook Software

That's a MasterCook DEMO, it's far from freeware.  However, you can often
find it on sale with Costco, Sam's, etc., for between $5.00-$10.00.  I've
been using it since it's introduction on version 2 (go figure) and find it
to be THE best recipe management software available.  No holds barred.
Perhaps that explains why 98% of the recipes you find on the web are in MC
format -- my opinion an experiences with it are widely shared!

If you go to Sierra (it's manufacturer's) site, they also have message
boards for technical questions, recipe sharing and general discussion.
Their Mastercook Recipe and/or Chat list are two of the most widely
subscribed email lists (like this one) online.  The former requires that you
post a recipe with anything you post, the latter is simply for general

I HIGHLY recommend it.