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Fat Free Vegi-Burgers

ORIGINAL MESSAGE (Courtney Blair): I am a vegan and I loved to eat the Boca
Burger vegan original veggie burgers- they were fat free and great!  But
recently, the box has changed and the vegan originals are no longer fat
free.  Has anyone else found this in their area?  I live in MN and I'm not
sure if it is local or what.  Also, the Morning Star Farms recipe crumbles
that I loved are no longer marked as fat free either.  Any suggestions for
substitutions for these two items?  I can't stand the Garden Burger ff
burger, because it is so mushy.  I am so upset!!  Any suggestions or similar
problems?  thanks!  
RESPONSE: Their web site (www.bocaburger.com <http://www.bocaburger.com> )
shows one gram of fat (10 calories) for their vegan burger.  You might
inquire through their "talk to us" option about marketing different levels
of fat content in different areas.  Morningstar Farms
(www.morningstarfarms.com <http://www.kelloggs.com> ) has a good nutrition
summary page of their meatless foods where you can see all the products' fat
contents.  As you may know, Boca is a division of cigarette manufacturer
Philip Morris, and Morningstar Forms is a division of Kellogg's.

Good Luck,  Tom