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Beano Question

Hi Everyone,

I have a couple questions and thought the listers here might be able to help.

First, I almost bought Beano when it first came out, but decided not to when 
I read the package note that Beano is derived from some type of food mold.  
My problem, is that I'm quite literally deathly allergic to molds and mildew, 
and I have absolutely no idea if the product might cause some sort of a 
reaction or not.  If anyone has any info on this, I'd really appreciate it.  
I love all types of beans in everything from salads to soups, but I've never 
found a 'gas proof' method of cooking them -- and believe me, I've tried 
Every hint in the book.  Could be that without being able to add Beano, 
gas-less beans are a fantasy. 

Second question -- I have AOL 6.0 and can't post to this particular list from 
it.  I can however, post from version 5.0, such as I am doing now.   Has 
anyone else had this problem?  I remember when 6.0 was first released there 
were problems with 6.0 and how it sent text, but I thought that had been 
solved.  I did write to the list owner here and asked about posting problem, 
but haven't heard back from her yet.  Just thought someone here might have 
the answer.

And one other added note.  As far as applesauce spoiling, I had the same 
problem.  Use a little out of a larger jar, and next thing you know there's 
mold on the rest.  Well, I solved that problem by buying applesauce in those 
little snack serving containers.  We have a store locally called "Big Lots" 
where you can get some outstanding prices, so I buy it there and when a 
recipe calls for applesauce, I open one little container, most likely use it 
all, and the rest sits politely on the pantry shelf without being disturbed. 
:-)  I believe last time I bought some, it was 99 cents for six of the little 
containers.  May be a bit more pricey than buying it in a large jar, but I 
found it's more expensive to throw out moldy leftovers, than to buy the 
single serving packages.