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Imitation Cookies

Message from: "Julie B" <julieb65@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:julieb65@xxxxxxxxxxx>
I tried to make cookies last night and they all turned out the same- very
bread-like.  I would like a nice condensed, chewy cookie- just like a
chocolate chip cookie and I was wondering if anyone new of a good fat
substitute.  I've used applesauce, sour cream, yogurt, and prune puree and
none have worked.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Reply (sort-of): Cookies by definition are a glob of flour, fat
(shortening), sugar, and special flavorings (chocolate chips, peanut butter,
etc.)  Remove the shortening and a lot of the sugar and, well, you no longer
have a cookie.  Instead, try thinking of a sweetened dessert or snack item
with cookie-like characteristics.  While you do not end up with the same
consistency as the "c" word, you should have a relatively healthy snack to
help satisfy (albeit, not eliminate) cravings for cookies.
It sounds like you've already done some experimenting.  Shoot for a
protein-bar (or whatever you want to call it).  I've had some success
playing around with (frozen) fruit juice concentrate as the sugar source,
whole wheat and rolled oats as the flour, lots of raisins and dried
pineapple and/or dried mango pieces (cut up into very small pieces) as the
special flavorings, and last but not least carob powder (and cinnamon, flax
seeds, spices, etc.).  Carob fools my eyes into thinking that it's a
chocolate-based snack.  Mix it all together until you have the consistency
of a cooked oatmeal.  Spread out on cookie sheet (I use aluminum foil to
avoid greasing the cookie sheet), bake around 375 degrees for ½ hour.
Remove from oven, flip over and peel off the foil.  Bake other side about 10
minutes.  When cooled, cut or break off pieces.  Refrigerate what isn't
eaten in a couple days.  My family won't touch it if I tell them everything
in it is good for them, so I just leave it out in the kitchen and pieces
just start disappearing.
Good luck.