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Re: question

In a message dated 7/7/2001 11:01:41 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
heviatar@xxxxxxxx writes:

<< Lisa asked:
 > What is MSG?
 Monosodium glutemate. It's a flavour enhancer, widely used in Chinese,
 Japanese and other East Asian cooking. Some people think it gives them
 headaches, although AFAIK studies have not supported this.
Additionally, for individuals who have heart disease and/or other physical 
conditions where watching one's sodium (salt) intake, MSG is a definite 
"no-no."  It is VERY high sodium, and research has supported that some people 
have adverse reactions to MSG, some minor, some serious. I personally know 
people who have become very ill when ingesting any foods which were prepared 
with MSG. Speaking for myself, I am badly affected by it, severe water 
retention, headaches, general feeling of being unwell. The foregoing 
statements are personal opinions, I am not quoting "so-called" research.