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Mastercook Cooking Light

I just bought Mastercook Cooking Light 6.0 after reading about Mastercook
on one of my lists. I am excited but haven't really started doing anything
yet and wondered how others were using it to help their good healthy
eating habits.

What I have in mind, don't know if you can do it or not, is to make
daily meal plans showing total fat and calories. I found out on ediets
how much I should have to loose 1 pound a week. I would like to
enter the frozen dinners I get so that they could be counted in
the daily total, also my snacks like fatfree yogurt and fruit.

I am going to enter the recipes I get on my lists that I like also.

I understand you can play with items in a menu and see how it
affects total calories, fat, etc. For instance, I guess you could
take one of their recipes, and replace the fat with applesauce
and see how the total changes.

Any good ideas for making this program work for you?