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Confetti Chili

It was brought to my attention that I forgot to messed up with my
recipe.   I like to make this chili without the meat and I prefer it
when I make chili for myself.   however I live with a meat eater and
make it differently when I serve meat eaters.   if we are eating alone,
I would probably add the meat, if we are having veggies over as well, I
use the meat as a condiment or chop the mushrooms in the food processor
and use them  as a meat substitute.   Sorry for the absent mindedness.
I was so interested in getting it down, that I forgot to organize my
thoughts.   does it help to make the excuse that my husband was selling
a computer in the background?   anyway, I beg your pardon for any
offense and for the omission, or addition as the case may be.    Kitty

Kitty in Somerset, PA
mail to:basyefelton@xxxxxxxxxxxxx