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FF Ramen Noodles & Veg. Cuban Restaurant

Topic #1
Within the last 6 months, someone (Neal maybe?) asked about fat-free ramen 
noodles.  In my Vegetarian Times Low-Fat and Fast cookbook they suggest using 
Chuka Soba noodles instead of Ramen because they are healthier with no fat.  
I thought I was going to have to go to our huge Japanese market for these, 
however, I found them at the tiny green grocer I go to (with an even tinier 
oriental section) for my regular grocery shopping.  When cooked, they remind 
me of the noodles that Lipton puts in their dried soups.  The ingredients are 
wheat flour, salt, and water!  I used them in a Japanese-style salad (with 
tofu and miscellaneous veggies) which was very good.

Topic #2
Do any of you know of a great Cuban restaurant in the Miami area that serves 
vegetarian choices?  We are going next week, and I absolutely am craving some 
wonderful Cuban food - plantains, beans, rice, etc.  Thanks in advance!

Ruth in the rainy Chicago 'burbs