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Re: Soybeans

Hi Bev: Yes, I noticed that when I opened my new package. I didn't realize I 
was buying roasted, I just kind of grabbed them off the shelf. It says 1/3 
cup = 150 calories; calories from fat = 70, which is indeed high. Good thing 
I read that or I would have wolfed the bag down, as I have been prone to do 
in the past! BTW, Folks: am beginning a slimming down program in concert with 
my low fat/ff way of eating. Any suggestions? Have ALOT to lose and could use 
all the support and advice offered. Bev: what about soy beans generally? I 
buy canned organic soybeans that are virtually ff. What about the bagged 
kind, dry?? THanks to Bev and all members, Sunny