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Fat Free Cheese

In the U.S., Kraft sells fat free cheeses--mozzarella, swiss, cheddar, and
sharp cheddar.  It is advertized as made from skim milk.

On the package of the sliced mozzarella:
serving size 1 slice = 21g = 3/4 oz ea
total fat 0g
sat fat 0g
total carb 2g
cholesterol <5mg
sugars 1g
sodium 270mg
protein 5g
calories 30 each slice

Remember:  cheese is solid milk!

I don't remember the exact U.S. federal regulations but it is NOT without
fat!  On the other hand, it does satisfy with less fat.

Taste:  One must have a serious reason to buy it because, after all, it
doesn't taste like the "real thing."  I don't think the plain cheddar has
much taste but I regularly use all the others.

As for the long drive to the store which carries it, I don't know why one
couldn't buy a supply and freeze it!  Cheese keeps for a long, long time.

Hope this helps.  Good luck!