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(no subject)

Just something I often throw together, play with ingredients on your own if 
you are so inspired:
Spray or wipe large frying pan or wok butter or olive oil flavored 
non-caloric oil (medium heat)
2 cartons of reg. or lite extra firm tofu marinated in tamuri or soy sauce, 
or Braggs Aminos and whatever other spices you would like. 
carmelize onions and lots of fresh garlic in fry pan, some kosher salt. I 
like to use a generous helping of onion powder as well. I use a combination 
of fresh and powdered garlic too.
after a while, add package of washing fresh baby spinach (large pkg.
6.  cook down, stir
7.  add italian dressing (seasoning), (3-4 Tlb.) Optional.
8.  sprinkle with parmaesan cheese, I use soy/veggie parmaesan cheese and 
some nutritional yeast.
package frozen broccolli florets (lg., defrosted)
large can chic peas or garbonzo beans (can/drained only, not washed)
11. crushed or dices italian tomatoes (1 lb. can)
I like to grill the marinated tofu on my George Foreman grill. When somewhat 
firmer and browned, I then bake it a bit in the oven. Then I add to recipe. 
This is good alone or over spinach pasta, or brown rice, or quinoa.