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Re: Vita Mix

<< I would never use it for grinding grains as the unit creates quite a bit of
heat in the container, thus compromising the nutrition of any flour made
with it (IMHO only). >>

I know you said IMHO, but I wanted to  point out a few things about grinding 
grains in the Vita Mix that you may not have thought of...

1. You only grind about two cups at a time, for about 2 minutes. The flour 
comes out merely warm, not hot. You counteract even this small bit by 
immeditely placing your flour in the refrigerator where it belongs.

2. The flour you have just ground is so much fresher than any you could 
purchase that the taste is like a whole new experience.

3. Unless you have a separate mill, purchase grain and have it ground under 
your supervision, or buy flour that has been stored in the refigerated 
section since the moment it was ground, any other flour will have *less* 
nutrition as a simple result of aging than you would lose by grinding some 
with a bit of heat from the Vita Mix.

I would like to add that even my husband notices the diference the flour 
makes - it tastes fresher, it rises better (I get high-protein grains for 
bread), and it it easier to store as the grain rather than the processed 

<<Just Curious, but what is Vitamix that we are talking about?
Sorry if that sounds dumb, but I have never heard of it!>>

It is a super blender/juicer/ice crusher/grain mill in one. These are the 
blenders that you see behind the counter making frozen coffee drinks and 
smoothies at many establishments. Baskin Robbins uses them, so does Red 
Lobster. It can process food with the best of them (except slicing), and is 
very easy to clean ( a few moments is all that is usually needed).

We make "ice cream" from a combination of fruit, fruit juice or milk, and 
sweetner (sometimes - this could be sugar, honey, or even Monin syrups for a 
surprise). IT takes about 5 minutes to make the ice cream, and get the Vita 
Mix washed before serving...

Once again, NAYY.

Heather M. Claus