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FF Veggie Cheese (correction)

I Just wanted to share with list members commentary I received from Dr. Neil 
Pinckney of Hawaii regarding the percentages of fat content to calories of 
the Galaxy Foods Organic Veggie Cheese that I posted several days ago. 
Because I am concerned about healthy reasons for many of you, I would like to 
bring to your attention Dr. Pinckney's comments, and I quote Dr. Pinckney: 

Serving size = 1 slice - calories 40 -- calories from fat 20

total fats 2g (3%)

That's 50% of the calories from fat. Well above the 15% for the Fat Free 
List and the 10% for many of the followers of Dr. Ornish or Dr. McDougall on 
this list.

The "3%" you see on the label, is the percentage of fat in a 2000 calories a 
day for a Standard American Diet eater, somewhere over 40% of calories from 

Well, folks, the label certainly appeared to say something different to my 
eyes, but then I bow to the expertise and professionalism of Dr. Pinckney who 
certainly is most knowledgeable. One has to be most CAREFUL in reading and 
INTERPRETING labels! Anyway, just wanted list members to be aware of these 
facts. It was an eye-opener for me. Sunny