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(no subject)

Last night I made DeBols spinach spaghetti with sundried tomatoes, lots and 
lots of yellow, orange, and red bell peppers, onion, a couple of good sprays 
of olive oil, used alot of the giant garlic (which, BTW, is extremely mild in 
comparison to the regular size) -- confessing to have used a jar of prepared 
imported italian red pepper spaghetti sauce, but I could have used my own 
blends, bugt it was quick and very nice. Didn't even use some veggie 
parmesan, which I normally do. It was that satisfying. I use alot of sweet 
pepper, onions, good for you. I found the DeBols spinach pasta, though ff and 
healthy, a little bland. Incidentally, cauliflower, if steamed only partly 
soft, becomes chewy and is a good substitute for m**t in sauces. Sunny