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In a message dated 01-02-01 05:34:10 EST, you write:

 I know I'm probably being really dim here, but in the recipe for Double
 Chocolate Brownies ( VO1#30) it says it needs applesauce - is this just
 straight, homemade applesauce, or a particular recipe for same?  Would
 anyone know?
My personal preference when using applesauce in baking is to buy any cheap, 
generic no-sugar-added commercial applesauce.  I've read many places that it 
helps to drain the applesauce - put in a cheesecloth lined strainer and 
suspend over a bowl to let excess water drip out - but I've never taken this 
extra step.  If other people use homemade applesauce in baking - well, I'm 
impressed!  I've never done it.