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Re: Tofu mayonnaise (II)

hi, sunny--

> How long do you feel this can be refrigerated for?

i kept it for a week w/ no problem other than a little liquid separating
out, but i just stirred it back in.  it won't last as long as the
commercial stuff, but since you can slather it on everything to your
heart's content, it probably won't be around that long!  :-)

> What are chipotles and adobo sauce?

chipotles are smoked jalapeno peppers.  they come either just dry (like
other dried peppers you buy) or in small cans, in which case they're
bathed in a thick, tomatoey sauce called adobo.  look for them in the
hispanic food section of the grocery, IF you like spicy, smokey things! 
a little dab goes a long way.  don't worry about opening up an entire
can, either--just dump it into a small jar or container; it'll keep just
about forever in the 'fridge, and you can use it up dab by dab.  i love
to add them to soups and chili and salsa, and they're wonderful mashed
up with sweet potatoes.

> Otherwise, love your recipe and so greatful for it, and for all others who
> respond so beautifully. So many of you are very helpful, and I hope I
> continue to be as well. Good health to you all. Sunny

yes, this is a great list, isn't it?  :-)