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Re: yummy snacks and more eggplant

hey all-
i tried sending this out before and it didn't head the right way so here goes-i'll keep it simple:
slice lengthwise pieces, pat with flour,then dip in eggwhite/skim milk, then bread crumb. bake at 350 on pam sprayed aluminum foil covered cookie sheet till brown flipping to get both sides lightly cooked. cook a bunch of spinach and drain very well-TILL DRY.  place a dollop of ff ricotta, then a ball of spinach, then some ff mozerella at one end of the slice and roll-use moistened toothpicks to hold together-place in a pan with bottom covered in tomato sauce-should hold about 1 1/2 eggplants worth of rolls.  serves plenty-cover top with more sauce and mozerella-bake again right before eating until cheese is well melted. ENJOY
SNACK: Dannons new Lite n Fit yogurts are great and come in decadent flavors-i tried freezing them and popping them out of the container with some ff chocoalte syrup-takes an hour to eat and tastes great!