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Bubbly water

I agree with Tom, let's keep this list free of commercial interests.  I'm
the distributor he mentioned.  I was very upfront with Tom in our personal
communications about my being a distributor after he and I had had several
back and forth personal conversations.  Hopefully, those of you who know my
track record on FF since 1997 know I have never tried to capitalize on my
presence here and even though I've been a distributor for several years,
I've never brought that up until now.  And now I will drop it.

I mentioned my use of carbonated water because it satisfies my "soda quota"
and has zero calories.  The company I rep for doesn't make the soda siphons
I use.  Just trying to keep the record straight.

And for the record, I'm not at all put out with Tom, because as I said
above, I agree with him wholeheartedly.