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wonton wrapper idea .... mini cannoli

Your old post regarding wonton wrappers showed up and reminded me of a
recipe I'd seen but never tried.

                          Wonton Cannolis

Make a cannoli filling with drained fatfree ricotta. (Am not including
recipe since the one he provided was not fatfree.) He did suggest
letting the ricotta sit overnight (I think in a refrigerator) in a
strainer to let out the extra liquid. A typical filling has sweetened
ricotta and candied citrus peel. Also there usually are non-ff
ingredients such a n*ts and ch*c bits. Perhaps even crystallized
ginger would work.....

For the shells, this is where the wonton wrappers come in:

These instructions come from someone named James Haller (maybe in
http://www.about.com ) : 

Sparsely grease a cannoli mold, and wrap won-ton wrappers around
them. Bake for about five minutes in a 500 F. oven. Remove, let cool,

Fill using a pastry bag (or maybe a ziploc bag with a chopped off corner.)
Sprinkle with powdered sugar.