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verry yummy cheesecake. and it's vegan!

this recipy does have tofu but i'll say what brand. when you taste this, you
won't believe that it's not packed full of fat and calories. you must try
this one. it only takes seconds to make!


2 cups- low fat 'mori-nu' silken firm tofu only 1% fat!
1 whole- peeled banana
1 tbs.- lemmon juice
20 oz.- can crushed pineapple unsweetend


mix everything in the blender until it looks like vanilla frosting. pour
into pie tin bake at 350 in oven for 35 min. let cool. tastes good after
cool from fridge. try puting beries in it! total cals per pie 300. makes two
pies. you won't believe how creamy this is!