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Re: Casey's fussy little eater :)

Casey, my little boy though now 5 was/is still a little like that! lol, =
but luckily loves raw fruit and vegies even more than cooked, but, an =
idea I came up with was to make vegi pikelet or fritter type things.
Just make a batter replacing the liquid with any vegetable puree (I used =
to microwave and mash vegies like beetroot, pumpkin, sweet potato etc, =
or even left over vegies from the night before, also grated onion is =
really good for flavour, as is tomato puree. If you make them in =
different batches, you can have several differently coloured pikelets =
:), oh, and creamed corn, or corn kernels go great as well., make them =
very small, and just lightly spray the griddle or pan, and cook gently.  =
My son will still eat vegetables disguised like this that he normally =
refuses other ways. They are not sticky, greasy, wet or gooey, freeze =
great, and are more like a treat food, especially in cute size and =
colour :)

All the best....Wendy.