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Re: fat free cheeses?

Gena wrote:
> is there a trick to using these products?  i'm coming to the conclusion
> some fat free product are just awful, no way around it.  my husband and i
> were saying that it's safer to just stick with foods that are naturally
> free to avoid this, but that leaves out a world of stuff that i truly love
> to eat :(

You might want to consider using lowfat products in moderation. Sit down and
actually calculate the amount of fat you are adding to your pizza in this
way, and adjust the amounts you eat accordingly. You may be pleasantly

I generally prefer to use small amounts of the real thing, as opposed to
large quantities of ersatz. Especially since the missing fat is often, in
many products, compensated by large amounts of salt and/or sugar ...

Be well, Hadass in Winnipeg