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vegie restaurants - Eugene, OR

Here are the names of vegetarian restaurants in Eugene Oregon.  I cannot 
vouch for fatfree items.

The Locomotive, a dinner place voted best vegetarian restaurant in Eugene.

Glenwood   -         Morning Glory (very small -vegan, near campus)  -       
Govinda (Indian - buffet)

Cafe Yumm at the 5th St. Market downtown, interesting place to shop, the 

Oasis on Cobury Road (this is a health food store and market - they do sell 
meat in the market, this is a very nice store and this one on Cobury Rd. has 
a sit down deli. I'm sure you could find things to purchase fatfree)

I'm sorry I don't have the addresses, but they are listed in the phone book.

Barb in FL