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Re: thickening

I'm curious:  why do you discard the mushroom stems?  I use fresh mushrooms
when I make gravy, so don't know much about using the dried.  Does the
drying process toughen the stems?
Lee Ann

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Subject: thickening

> I prefer to thicken with flour.  It is simple - put some flour in a small
> bowl and add a little cold water..... the cold water should be enough to
> a paste.... work the paste until it is smooth and thick, and then add a
> little more water at a time until the mixture is easily pourable and satin
> smooth.  Stir the hot liquid that you are thickening as you add the
> to the pot. Bring the liquid almost to a boil and the thickening will be
> evident.  You can adjust thickness by adding more flour-water mixture.
> same method works for corn starch and other thickeners such as arrowroot.
> This is how I make gravy:
> Soak 6 dried mushroom in 2 cups of hot water until soft.  Drian water from
> mushroom, saving it for gravy.  Discard stems of dried mushrooms and
> chop the caps.  Saute 1/2 lb of sliced mushroom in a little water with
> When mushroom are soft and the liquid is about evaporated, add the
> liquid you have saved, along with the chopped caps. Cook until very hot.
> Make a flour or cornstarch mixture to thicken and when thick, taste for
> seasoning.  Sometimes I add a little tamari or some veggie worchestershire
> sauce or a little sherry.
> Enjoy
> Kay