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2 things...

Hello!  To the puffed wheat eater---I love it too!  Plain puffed wheat,
rice, and corn.  Wheat is my favorite though, and I'm wondering as you are:
 is it a whole grain?  I sometimes "sprinkle" whole grain bran flakes or
Grape Nut O's overtop, to add variety.  Have you tried Kashi?  Its good
too.  It says whole grains on the box, I do believe.  

Also---anyone know how nutritous buckwheat flour is?  In comparison with
regular white flour, is it "better" nutritionally?  Or about the same?  Is
it as good as whole wheat?  Buckwheat pancakes are a favorite fall dish
around my house.  I'm wondering if mixing some of the buckwheat with whole
wheat would improve the nutrient content, or if its good alone.  Thanks if
anyone knows!  :>

Peace with a smile,